The Female Lead

The Female Lead is a non-profit organisation founded by data scientist Edwina Dunn, with the aim of providing young women and girls with a wider range of female role models.

To launch the initiative, Dunn released a book of the same name which features profiles and portraits (by renowned photographer Brigitte Lacombe) of a diverse range of women including Meryl Streep, Ava DuVernay and Jude Kelly to name just a few. 


As part of the team at BBD Perfect Storm, I worked on a wide range of deliverables for the launch ranging from event collateral and snapchat filters, to digital billboards across the country and a cover wrap for the Financial Times.

BBD Perfect Storm also produced a short film ‘A Girl Called Dave’ to get people talking about the fact that there are more CEO’s in the FTSE 100 named Dave than women of any name and raise awareness in order to make change!