Let’s Build A Better Future
Let’s Build Social Housing

The brief
To create a campaign that made the case for building more social housing.

The work
An uplifting and urgent campaign which positions social housing as the solution to the country’s housing emergency.

I worked with copywriter Oli Impey and Anup Sharma the Creative Lead at Shelter to produce the overarching campaign concept, and designed all out of home and social media executions.

As part of this project, we produced a photoshoot to represent a small snapshot of the people who could benefit from there being a new generation of social homes.

We also commissioned an animator and composer to create a campaign film. I project managed the production of this, as well as creating the storyboards and sourcing images and video clips to be used as part of the film.

The result
To date, this campaign has resulted in over 140,000 signatures in a petition from Shelter supporters calling for the government to build more social homes.

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